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Apple’s Keynote, Pages, Numbers apps go universal
Apple this morning rolled out universal versions of all three of its iWork apps, bringing the suite to iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Keynote, Pages, and Numbers (updated reviews), which have been on the App Store for the past year, were previously only available for iPad users. Today’s updates shrink the same user interfaces down into pocket-size versions that let users create, save, open, and edit documents.Along with going universal Apple has tweaked the user interface a bit to let users see thumbnail previews of documents to find them by sight. The software suite originally made its debut on the Mac OS, beginning with Keynote, Apple’s presentation software. Apple later added Pages then Numbers, rolling together all three applications into iWork. Apple now sells the individual applications through the Mac App Store, and in the iOS App Store, letting users get a single program without having to buy the others.The apps continue to retail for $9.99 each, and this morning’s update is free of charge to existing owners of the applications. The software is only available to users of Apple’s more recent iOS products, including the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, third- and fourth-generation iPod Touch devices, and iPad and iPad 2.Apple’s latest iOS update has another passcode security flaw
The same hacker who found a passcode workaround after Apple’s iOS update last month has found another way to access the photos and contacts of a password-protected iPhone.Related storiesiOS 6.1 hack lets users see your phone app, place callsApple releases iOS 6.1.3 with fix for lock screen bugYouTube user “VideosdeBarraquito” uploaded a video today showing how to access the files using the voice command feature on the phone. He gives a voices command to dial a number and while the number is dialing, he uses a paperclip to eject the phone’s SIM card. After the card ejects, the phone ends the call and he is able to go into the locked phone’s address book and photos.The demo is done on a phone that has the latest upgrade of operating system iOS 6.1.3. VideosdeBarraquito detailed a different passcode hackpreviously. After the media heard wind of the bug, Apple said it fixed the loophole in its 6.1.3 update.Apple’s low-cost iPhone won’t be cheap, says Pegatron CEO
Has one of Apple’s major suppliers just outted the much-rumored low-cost iPhone?At a shareholders meeting on Thursday, Pegatron CEO T.H. Tung served up one intriguing comment about the so-called “cheap” iPhone, suggesting that the product is real but that it won’t be cheap, according to China Times as covered by blog site Macotakara.Tung said the price of the phone would be “fairly high,” though he apparently didn’t reveal any specific price ranges. The CEO explained that compared with cheaper feature phones, today’s smartphones are able to do so many things that they justify their higher prices.Apple has been shifting some of its manufacturing work away from Foxconn in favor of Pegatron in part to avoid relying on a single supplier.Pegatron has reportedly been tapped as the major assembler of the low-cost iPhone, the Wall Street Journal reported in May. Earlier last month, Pegatron said it would build up its workforce by 40 percent during the second half of 2013, according to Reuters, suggesting that the company may be ramping up its factories to prep for the low-cost iPhone.(Via AppleInsider)Apple’s Mac sales down in July, to slide 5 percent this quarter
Apple’s Mac sales had a rough July, new data from research firm NPD shows.Mac sales in the U.S. were down in July and are expected to drop 5 percent year over year in the company’s current fiscal quarter that ends in late September, the research firm revealed on Monday in data obtained by All Things Digital.That Mac sales are expected to slide this quarter is just the latest dose of bad news for Apple’s computer line. In the company’s last-reported quarter ended June, domestic Mac sales were also down 5 percent.Macs are suffering the same troubles as Windows-based PCs, which have seen their shipments decline sharply as consumers and enterprise customers increasingly turn to tablets for their computing needs. Apple has touted its ability to overcome some of those trends, but as of late, the company is having difficulty in that effort.Apple’s own success might be causing it even more trouble. According to All Things Digital, NPD believes that the iPad’s success is cannibalizing Mac sales to some degree.
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